Early stage investment is a journey of navigating through the heavy mist with our entrepreneurs side by side. You create the world, and we will be there for you.

——Wei ZHOU, Founding Managing Partner of CCV                                                   

There are many people who claim they support behind entrepreneurs, but few who actually do. Wei is one of the few who delivers what he promised. He provided me significant support when JD was developing critical business such as logistics.

——Qiangdong LIU, CEO of JD.com                      

Internet media is in the transformation from pictures and texts to videos in China. Wei and his team possess unparalleled foresight of the trend. They understand online entertainment industry profoundly, and have given MiaoPai supports at critical moments.

——Kun HAN, CEO of YIXIA.com                  

Data analytics and Artificial Intelligence are areas which JD Finance will continue to invest more. Wei and I believe in the success as a result of integrity and ethics. Only long-term value can carry the team and business to go far. I consider him a person worthy of being a lifelong friend.

——Shengqiang CHEN, CEO of JD Finance                                  

CreditEase keeps optimistic regarding the long-term development of inclusive finance, wealth management and FinTech in China.
Wei has entrepreneur’s passion, investor’s rationale, and more importantly, persistence on a right path.

——Ning TANG, CEO of CreditEase                      

Wei and his team understand the development stages and success factors of a platform company precisely and profoundly. And they demonstrate incredible patience. Their level of trust and support to the founding team are even more rare to be found.

——Jianjun YU, CEO of The Ximalaya                          

Tremendous Fintech opportunities are generated from finance revolution and interest marketization. Wei and his team are among the first to identify the potential. They are Rong360’s important supporters.

——Daqing YE, CEO of Rong360                 

Wei is a mentor to Asia Innovation at two critical stages of fundraising and product transformation. He is an investor who really thinks for the entrepreneurs. Facing financial benefits, Wei chooses to stand firm on integrity and ethics, a rare quality.

——Andy TIAN, CEO of Asia Innovation